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Links to Writing websites
For writers, please consider: , the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators., the Austin, Texas chapter, Deborah Halverson answers your questions, Take a look, you'll be amazed., Samantha offers motivational tips for writers, American Christian Fiction Writers

Horses- Follow Linda's year as a volunteer with equine therapy horses and riders

For information about an equine therapy programs, visit: and the Rocky Top Horse Therapy Center, Keller, Texas

 Friendship Train of 1947 and Merci Train of 1948   Dorothy Scheele has spent years collecting information about the Friendship Train of 1947. Please visit her website.   France responded to the generosity of Americans by sending a Train of Gratitude to the United States loaded with gifts for each state. Please visit this website for information about where the individual cars are located.
For questions concerning the Friendship Train of 1947, visit the LBJ Presidential Library where Drew Pearson's papers are housed.  You may also search old newspapers of 1947 and 1948 for information.
For viewing or questions about the Merci Train, research by individual state. France sent forty-nine gift-filled cars to the United States as an expression of gratitude for the food provided by the Friendship Train.  France sent one car for each state and one for Washington, D.C. and the territory of Hawaii to share. The cars were given to the individual states. Some are beautifully displayed, while others have fallen into disrepair.







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