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The Friendship Train

In 1947, severe food shortages threaten the lives of thousands of Europeans, but what can one thirteen-year-old boy do?
Jimmy Burns, an eighth-grader whose brother died fighting in France during World War II, wants to help, but doesn't know how. When he and his family learn about the Friendship Train, a national food collection for France and Italy, they're quick to respond. Jimmy's world turns upside down in his efforts to help get food to the desperately hungry Europeans before the end of the year.
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Mystery of Desolation Point
Instead of providing a beacon of hope, the lighthouse at Desolation Point reminded all who passed of the dark deeds which transpired there.
Mary Kruger has no choice but to accompany her family to Desolation Point where mysterious tragedies happen with alarming regularity. In this isolated setting with Lake Superior to the north, south, and east, and a forest to the west, Mary must overcome her fear of water, wild animals, and the ghosts of Desolation Point. To save herself and her family, Mary must untangle past happenings to prevent her family from becoming another tragic entry in the lighthouse log of Desolation Point.
Orphan Train Riders: Kathleen's Vision
When the furniture removers empty the family tenement as payment for the back rent, ten-year-old Kathleen Flannigan fears her family will soon be homeless and hungry. Kathleen vows to save her family from ruin, even though her plan means personal sacrifice.
Young Texans Series by Linda Baten Johnson

Tiny's Emancipation
Tiny Mason has nothing of her own, even her last name belongs to her master. In June of 1865, the Texas slaves hear rumors that the war is over and that they will soon be free. What will Tiny's future hold after she hears the announcement on Juneteenth?

Elsie and the Hurricane

Elsie Drummond's eleventh birthday is a date she'll always remember--a day which started with presents, friends and cake, and ended with death and destruction when the Galveston hurricane of 1900 roared ashore. In the aftermath, Elsie makes choices which change the path of her life.

Henry Goes to Texas

 Young Henry Belkin's life changes when his father announces they are moving to Mexican Tejas to settle in Stephen F. Austin's new colony as one of its 300 original families. When the journey to Texas is beset with difficulties, Henry wonders whether the move to this new land is worth the price. 


Henry Goes to Texas

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    Homer the Racehorse
    Linda Baten Johnson
    Katherine Loughmiller
    Homer is a confident and cocky racehorse who believes he'll be a champion, but to win the big races, he'll have to outperform the other 24,000 racehorses born the same year. Will his dream come true or will he find a different purpose for his life? 


    Homer the Racehorse

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    Scripts for Schools
    Linda has written five script packages for Scripts for Schools. Scripts  may be purchased individually or in packages.
    Fables, Myths and Legends Collection
    The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Hare and the Tortoise, Pandora, The Trojan Horse, The Sword and the Stone, The Lion and the Mouse, Prometheus, Jason and the Golden Fleece, Odysseus Returns Home, and Beowulf
    Famous Inventors Collection
    Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Alva Edison, The Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Florence Nightingale, Johann Gutenberg, Archimedes, James Naismith, Banting and Best, Reginald Fessenden
    Famous Explorers Collection
    Leif Erickson, Marco Polo, Columbus, Magellan, Cartier, Champlain, La Salle, Captain Cook, Alex Mackenzie, Lewis and Clark
    The Bible Script Collection
    Ruth, David and Goliath, Jonah, Moses, the Baby in a Basket, Moses, Manna and Meat, Abraham and Isaac, King Solomon, Gideon, Joseph, Daniel
    American Revolutionary War Collection
    Thirteen Separate Colonies, Taxes, Taxes, Taxes, The Minutemen Militias, First Battles, Declaring Independence, Spies and Secrets, A Soldier's Life, Winning the War, Creating a Constitution, Father of a New Nation.
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    Romance Novellas by Linda Baten Johnson
    Orphan Train Bride-Healing Scars
    Even sleep doesn't protect Violet Browning from the horrors of the fire she survived in the New York City shirtwaist factory leaving her with physical and emotional scars. The healing she seeks leads her to Kansas and to Micah Larson, who also needs healing.

    Healing Scars

    Her Christmas Cowboy

    Elizabeth's dreams of having a loving husband and family have been replaced with the practical realities of spinsterhood, but her secret wishes are renewed when she receives a letter from her sister hinting that she has found the perfect man for Elizabeth, a Texas cowboy.

    Her Christmas Cowboy

    Harvey House Girl-Recipe for Love

    Handsome chef Philippe Denier causes Maggie Sullivan's heart to race, but responding to his flirtations would be a formula for disaster. Moving west to pursue a career as a Harvey House girl offers Maggie financial security and a way to help her family, but when Chef Denier is assigned to the same location, Maggie must curb the impulses of her heart and refuse the attentions of the romantic chef who does not appear to be an honorable man. Could Philippe's interest in Maggie create a recipe for heartbreak rather than a recipe for love? 

    Searching for Joy
    O' Little Town of Christmas Series

    When the young widow Ingrid Larkin opens the door of her Chicago row house on a cold December night, trouble enters. Living in the shadow of the meat processing plants, injuries and death often come calling, but the unconscious worker brought to her door is a stranger, Caleb Finsson. Ingrid agrees to house the wounded man until she can locate his family. No one admits knowing the handsome man staying at Ingrid’s, and gossip threatens her reputation after he stays past what the community deems the limit for Christian hospitality.  Ingrid vows to forget Caleb and make her own way in the world, a journey searching for joy.

    Forget Me Not
    American State Flower Collection- Alaska

    Kate Cannon is on the company fast track until she is outside a supercenter when a gunman opens fire. Now, she fears going out in public and is unable to work as a marketing specialist. To regain her confidence, she accepts an assignment promoting a remote fishing lodge in Alaska. Kate expects the job to be easy, until she meets Trevor McCord. 

    Forget Me Not

    Magnolia Morning

    American State Flower Collection- Louisiana

    When Martha Bodine's father does not return from the Civil War, she and her mother face a dismal future in rural Louisiana. Desperate for money to pay the taxes and keep the family land, they rent a room to a controversial Northern gentleman. Their renter is taken away in the middle of the night, and the next morning, Peyton Anderson, an ex-Confederate soldier, arrives. Coincidence? Martha has her doubts as Peyton's visit presents even more problems  for Martha and her mother.  Is there a happily ever after in her future?

    Cocoa and Christmas Crackers
    Cocoa Christmas Series

    Joy Young, an attractive young waitress at the Cozy Cocoa Shoppe, intends to gradate without a penny of debt. She believes working hard and doing the right things will bring the rewards she desires. Her philosophy works until Dane Michaels threatens to take the coveted award she considers to be hers. Can she achieve her dream without sacrificing her principles or her heart?

    Linda Baten Johnson,
    Jul 22, 2012, 12:02 PM