Tiny's Emancipation

Tiny Mason has nothing of her own, even her last name belongs to her master. In June of 1865, the Texas slaves hear rumors that the war is over and that they will soon be free. What will Tiny's future hold after she hears the announcement on Juneteenth?

Elsie and the Hurricane

Elsie Drummond's eleventh birthday is a date she'll always remember--a day which started with presents, friends, and cake and ended with death and destruction when the Galveston hurricane of 1900 roared ashore. In the aftermath, Elsie makes choices which change the path of her life.

Henry Goes to Texas

Young Henry Belkin's life changes when his father announces they are moving to Mexican Tejas to settle in Stephen F. Austin's new colony as one of its 300 original families. When the journey to Texas is beset with difficulties, Henry wonders whether the move to this new land is worth the price.