Instead of providing a beacon of hope, the lighthouse at Desolation Point reminded all who passed of the dark deeds which transpired there. Mary Kruger has no choice but to accompany her family to Desolation Point where mysterious tragedies happen with alarming regularity. In this isolated setting with Lake Superior to the north, south, and east, and a forest to the west, Mary must overcome her fear of water, wild animals, and the ghosts of Desolation Point. To save herself and her family, Mary must untangle past happenings to prevent her family from becoming another tragic entry in the lighthouse log of Desolation Point.

Homer is a confident and cocky racehorse who believes he'll be a champion, but to win the big races, he'll have to outperform the other 24,000 racehorses born the same year. Will his dream come true or will he find a different purpose for his life? 

When the furniture removers empty the family tenement as payment for the back rent, ten-year-old Kathleen Flannigan fears her family will soon be homeless and hungry. Kathleen vows to save her family from ruin, even though her plan means personal sacrifice.