Care Packages

OPENING THE BOX offers suggestions for creating care packages for college kids, senior citizens, those serving in the military, and youngsters. Ideas for regular mailings are based on seasons, quirky themes, interests, by the calendar are listed. The book gives package content recommendations ranging from the edible to the sentimental. Authored by a grandmother-granddaughter team, they present views from the giver and the recipient.

Book is available in paperback and eBook at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

Amazon Paperback ISBN-979-8354047772 $10.99

We've all seen or heard cute and creative ideas for "care packages," but Linda and Rachael came up with a great plan for organizing those suggestions in one handy book! Aimed at all the people in your lives who reside a distance away, this resource is jam-packed with advice for memorable gift boxes suited just for them! Review by Becky Ross Michael

About the Authors

Rachael Ann Mood is a junior studying Nutritional Sciences, plays mellophone in the Baylor band, and serves as a Resident Hall advisor. She loves receiving care packages from her grandmother and hopes other adults will buy the book and continue the tradition.

Linda Baten Johnson writes squeaky-clean romances, cozy mysteries, and historical fiction when not selecting items to send to Rachael at Baylor. She loves writing, researching, and serving as a docent at her local historical museum. 


When you love someone enough to send the very best!!!!

Remember the old Hallmark adage: "When you care enough to send the very best, send Hallmark"? Well, that is what this book reminds me of: How to send your caring love to those who live far away. So many creative and inventive ideas on what to send, when to send, how to send. You will use this book for years to come.

 Filled with Thoughtful, Creative Care Package Ideas

I bought this book to get care package ideas for my daughter who is starting college soon. It’s given me many ideas. I’m glad I bought it … and my daughter will be too when she starts receiving the care packages. Highly recommended!